amazon jungle

amazon jungle

by Mariko on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I like to watch documentary film of amazon ,so I made jaguar and his best human friend .It was fun to model from scratch ,sclupting detail , making texture in xgen and mari but it was hard to maintain scene file after finshed making maps .

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Amazon Jungle project __

1. Jaguar model

Sculpting jaguar considering how much deeper I should sculpt in zbrush was difficlut because fur made by xgen  is top on the surface , but jaguar does not have fur around mouth and eye ans nose, so  I sculpted those detail by using alpha in znrush .About texture of jaguar, I tried to several ways like using photo or using proceedual texture but none of them did not work as I expected , so I end up hand drawing jaguar texture in substance painter 

Xgen was hard as jaguar has so many fur ,and maya file often crushed by error. I could render finally by separating xgen discription ,and rendering  one by one .

2.Tribe kid model

render result

In this project , I tried to make model for animate, so I tried to make nice topology as much as I could . Even though I did not animate these model, I needed to make rig and blend shape to have them pose and change facial expression a little bit , so now I understand more before this project about how important the topology is to move them .

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