Soul Journey

Soul Journey

Owen Clarke
by owenjclarke on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi, my name is Owen and I'm an 2D animation student from University of Hertfordshire. This entry is mostly my graduation project " Soul Journey" and some side projects I've done in the past year or so. I hope you all like it!

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Soul Journey is a personal concept project about a pair of sibling’s adventure through Edona and their quest to find their mother, who suddenly disappeared. Through the journey, the siblings will encounter allies and rivals while discovering secrets about themselves.

I have always been very intrigued by the aesthetics from the eastern cultures and history, their art and styles emotes so many unique expressions and are so different compared to the west.

I mainly focused on character concepts and designs through this project and have taken inspiration from the art, culture and fashion of eastern media (specifically Japan). The story is based during the Edo period of Japan.

The siblings

Ge is the main protagonist of the story, he is the counter part to Mei, gentle kind and mature and a great brother too.


Ma, a demi human who's a reincarnation of a lotus spider. Though she is not hostile, she is feared for her power and her nature of being.

She is gentle but a fierce soul. Kind hearted and forgiving and a loving mother to her two kids.

Process and extra pieces.

Family crest - combinations of a spider and a water lily

Spider Lily

A deathly beauty demi-human who brings calamity to the lands everywhere she goes as she seek souls to harbour for her own desires.

The Blacksmith

A masterful blacksmith with the skills of a demi god to seal lost souls into his creations and make it sentient and preventing them from corruption.

Stone cast designs. The stone casts used to mold the shape of the iron cats and the ins and outs of it. shape exploration and mechanic work throughs.


A companion that aids the siblings on their adventure. An elf character named Nori. She is Agile and nimble and proficient in the art of Kong Fu.

The elves are all female and are born uniquely from flowers. Depending on the season, flower and or the time of day, each elf is born with a gift that’s specific to them. 


A special race called the Teskis. Tesokis are a hybrid between humans and insects, they are very intelligent and are socially functioning beings.

Early concepts of Tesokis

Extra explorations

Side Projects

Shantotto Fan Art

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