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Vedma is a horror game project based on Slavic folklore developed by 4 students over the course of a single semester. We follow our witch protagonist Vera contest the eldritch horrors within the town of Chorno.

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Game about witchcraft, spirits, spells, and mystery. You play as a young lady who was sent to the abandoned house of her dead aunt. There she finds her witch roots. Here mission is to take care of the forest and protect the area from evil power. She is witnessing strange activities in the house. Spirits and creatures are following her around the forest. Can you survive in the haunted house in the middle of the forest?

Core team:

Ade Adesayo - environment artist,  lighting artist, animation, props and post-production touch-ups

Anna Biddulph-Davies - creature artist, concept artist, rigging and creature animation

Alona Stupak - character artist, concept artist, rigging, blend shapes and post-production editing

Reni Vladimirova - character artist, concept artist, rigging and props


Jacky Lee - priest animation

Julia Kalisz - Vera animation

Oleksandr Kotliar - music

Concept art for the Bes by Anna Biddulph-Davies

Concept art for the Priest by Alona Stupak


Concept art for the main character Vera by Reni Vladimirova


Concept art for the forest Vera by Reni Vladimirova

Church by Ade Adesayo


House by Ade Adesayo

Forest by Ade Adesayo


Bes by Anna Biddulph-Davies

Vera by Alona Stupak

 Ghost by Reni Vladimirova

Priest by Reni Vladimirova

Third Party Assets:

Advanced Skeleton 5

Blender auto-rig Pro by Artell

Blender Hair Tool by bartoszstyperek

Mixamo Rig

Qwixel Megascans is a part of environmental art

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