Vodnik GAZ-3937 - Bad Company 2 Fan Art

Vodnik GAZ-3937 - Bad Company 2 Fan Art

Cesar Croisier
by Ceqatre on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Diorama of the GAZ-3937 Vodnik mounted with Heavy MAchine Gun KORD 12.7mm, in the northern siberian snow, that I made specially for this contest.

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My project for the Rookies 2022.

Hello Rookies ! 

My portfolio being so poor yet, I wanted to create a piece specially for this contest, and in the meanwhile creating something for my portfolio. 

This project was done between the end of my exams (End of April, 2022), to the deadline of this contest (June 1st), during my free time. I tried to use all my competences, from sketching to sculpting and texturing. 

I tried during all the project to match Battlefield: Bad Company 2's art direction, and the game's aesthetics in the renders and page layouts. Enjoy ! And let me know what you think :)

Beauty shots

Turntable Video

Creation process

Thanks for looking at my project !

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