Illustrations and Concept Art

Illustrations and Concept Art

Joshua Rowlinson
by rogann on 23 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

A collection of my illustrations and concept art.

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League of Legends - Opera Swain

Fan Art of the League of Legends character Swain.

Designed and illustrated by myself as a new Skin Idea. 

Doom /// Ancient China

Redesigning the original Doom game in an Ancient China setting

An Illustration + Character Concepts

Space Merc

A design and Illustration for a space mercenary

Space Girl Duo

Concept design for two sci-fi warrior ladies.

One has impeccable skill and deadly precision with a blade. The other, folk call Honey Badger and she gets a real itchy finger when threatened.

Elf with Markings

Illustration of an Elven lady

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