OUROBOROS - Short Film

OUROBOROS - Short Film

Anne-Sarah Reiniche
by AnneSarah on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This film is one of the biggest project of my whole 3D Animation curriculum. Enjoy !

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Here's my biggest project of 2022, a 45s animation short film made in five months, alone.

This film's topic is really personal and dear to me : it's about hyperphagia ; to fill up with food to compensate an interior void. Doing this may be comforting at first for the girl, but she is slowly opening the gate to this eating disorder.

I honestly think the snake may also be seen as any mental illness, depending on the spectator personal history.

I constructed my story around five strong scenes with different color spaces. As I wanted to focus on animation and the oniric feeling, I decided to make empty environments and emphasis on color contrasts.

I tried to orient my CG aesthetic around my sketches and add some 2D FX so the movie could really look unique.

Lindie, the girl, was quite a challenge herself. Sculpting her while trying to keep a 2D shape in 3D wasn't an easy part but she ended up really cute !
I also loved making her rig, so she could run, sit, and be a happy little girl.

Our little friend here was designed to look like a cute and dumb digestive tube with teeth.
Here again I loved rigging that snake, I coupled code and rig to make his animation easy as possible.

Also, I didn't expect having so much fun composition of the film. It was a big part of the magic of this project : adding 2D FX to make it look as I wanted from the beginning.

Softwares : 3ds Max, V-ray , Zbrush, Substance Painter, Nuke, Premiere Pro, Photoshop

Thank you so much for your attention !

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