Character Concept Art for Multiple Personal Projects

Character Concept Art for Multiple Personal Projects

Andrew Gaus
by AndrewGaus on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I've included some of my recent artwork from two different personal projects I've been working on lately, one is called 'The OuterVerse', and is a DC Comics fan fiction project, the other is a fantasy genre project about a rogue/warrior character based on 'Little Red Riding Hood' who faces off against her nemisis.

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This is the main artwork and turnabout of a character concept for a DC Comics fan fiction project I have been working on called 'The Outerverse'.  The long-term goal is to make a 3D version of the characters, environments, etc., and make some short animated videos.

This is 'Doctor Pamela Isley', who eventually becomes 'Poison Ivy', but this is meant to be at a point in time before she has developed any noticeable superpowers and is working as a field botanist collecting plant samples and whatnot, which hasn't been explored much in the comics.  

The concept is loosely based on Laura Croft, minus the guns and fighting abilities.  There is also an emphasis on the clothing being made from materials that are environmentally friendly, given that this is a very environmentally conscious character. 

This is a breakdown of my painting process of the costume materials.

This is a portrait turnabout for the character, but it's also meant to show the different hairstyles-- as Dr. Pamela Isley begins to develop her superpowers and becomes 'Poison Ivy', her hair grows longer and later, her skin begins to turn green.  

This is 'Scarlett Rose', a character in a fantasy/dark fairytale genre personal project I'm working on.  The character is based on 'Little Red Riding Hood', and eventually grows up to be a 'rogue' type character-- a leather armor-wearing, dual sword-wielding, crossbow shooting, beer-drinking huntress of werewolves.  But at this point, she's a young girl living a fairly mundane life in a small village. 

This is a breakdown of my painting process for the character. 

This is a portrait turnabout, with another breakdown of the painting process for the main portrait. 

These are some of the quick silhouette/thumbnail sketches I did to work through some ideas for the costume design of the character. 

This is 'Alice', another character concept for the above-mentioned fantasy/dark fairytale genre project.  Alice is the childhood friend of Scarlett Rose (the 'Little Red Riding Hood' character).  Although they are good friends at this point in their lives, they go down different paths and become enemies on opposite sides of a conflict as adults.  Alice becomes an extremely powerful magic-using character as an adult.  She's stoic and reserved, even as a child, so I used a lot of square shapes in the design and a blue and white color scheme to try and communicate that.  She is, of course, based on 'Alice in Wonderland', so it helps that the original character also had mostly a blue and white color scheme. 

This is a paint breakdown of the main pose. 

This is a portrait turnabout for the character and a paint breakdown of the front portrait. 

Here I was trying some different color options, also, for the final version of the artwork, I removed the stripes on the stockings, arm sleeves, and main ribbon based on some feedback I received.  Initially, they were there for the sake of adding more square shapes to the costume design, but the feedback I got was that they made the design seem too busy.  

This is a process of sketching the poses, beginning with a quick gesture sketch, a sketch of the body, and finally a sketch of the full costume. 

These are thumbnail sketches I did trying to work out the design of the costume and hairstyle of the character.

This is a character concept for the Greek hero Heracles.  The artwork is for the same DC Comics fan fiction project that the 'Doctor Pamela Isley' character is a part of.  In the universe of DC Comics, the various mythological stories from around the world are not myths, those are actual historical events.  As such, characters like Heracles are real. 

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