The Protector of the Shrine

The Protector of the Shrine

by JanMarciniak on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Character and props designe.

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The Protector of The Shrine - character designe

The Protector of the Shrine is a woman elected by the Elders Council from a group of extraordinary girls who display special, magical abilities. She can fully harmonize with the Old Shrine, which gives her the ability to understand trees and animals. Her mission is to protect and defend the baobab forest surrounding the Old Shrine. Moreover, she also becomes primus inter pares of the Elders Council. The chefs of other tribes come to seek her council.

It is forbidden to cut off baobab trees in the Old Shrine Forest!

These are low poly 3D models I created and rigged in Blender for illustration purpouses.

Early concept. Back then she was ment to be just a tribal shaman who is responsible for sacred rites and supporting with an advice the chief of the tribe.

Props Designe

First are parts of the Protector armour. Second are concepts of crown of the staff.

Other Projects

My son and the dog on one of their adventures.

Props designe I did for the Sakura Samurai project.

Character concept based on polish nobility.

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