Sculpting work by Laura Schreurs

Sculpting work by Laura Schreurs

Laura Schreurs
by lavux on 23 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Sculpting work I did during my education at Digital Arts & Entertainment.

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Kiora The Crashing Wave || Statue sculpt

As a Magic The Gathering fan, I wanted to create a statue for one of my favorite characters. This started out as part of a character creation course at my school, but in my free time I added the tentacle and water splashes to create a full statue sculpt. I learned a lot about how to sculpt different organic shapes in Zbrush!

Stromae || Head sculpt

During my character creation course I got to sculpt one of my favorite artists as a first time head sculpt. I started out using a simple basemesh and first changed the big shapes. After adding more detail it came out better than I expected!

A fairy miner's house || Diorama sculpt

One of my first bigger sculpts was creating this diorama. I made a photobash of several concepts with a fairy theme. I had a lot of fun with this sculpt and the story behind the little fairy that might be living here.

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