Jie Lan - Concept Art

Jie Lan - Concept Art

by jielan on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi! I'm Jie and below are recent works I have completed in the past 10 months at CGverse and CGMA.

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Hi! My name is Jie Lan. I discovered my passion to work as a concept artist after learning such a job really existed! After years in a different career path, I'm excited to be following my childhood dream of working in the entertainment industry. 

Here are some of my projects I have completed over the past 10 months. The first one is a Fantasy Library I have created at CGverse with Adam Isailovic and Christopher Schiefer. I was inspired by some of the concepts I have seen for League of Legends' Arcane and decided to try out this new workflow involving 3D base and final polish in 2D. As it was my first 3D scene, I aimed for something smaller and easier to complete while keeping true to quality. 

This second project is a Wine & Spirits Shop operated by a little frog. This project is also part of my CGverse Mentorship with Adam Isailovic and Christopher Schiefer. I have always loved Ghibli movies and animations. I discovered artists such as Lok Du, Joker Chen and G. xy on art station and fell in love with their approach to rendering so I wanted to focus on honing my 2D polishing skills and trying out a different variation of my 3D + 2D workflow. In this project, I used my newly learnt Blender to help me iterate faster. 

This third project is a Cyberpunk Assassin I have created during CGMA course Character Design for Film and Games with David Paget. My aim for this project is to familiarize myself with the photo-bashing process in the 3D + 2D workflow. The design language is different than the previous two as I tried challenging myself with more realism.

Thanks for reading! Feedback is always welcome. 

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