Sem Driessen - Digital Compositing

Sem Driessen - Digital Compositing

Sem Driessen
by SemDriessen2 on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Welcome to my Rookies entry! In this entry I will showcase my compositing work from the last few years.

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Hello, my name is Sem Driessen. I am a Digital Compositing student in the VFX class of 2022 at The Netherlands Film Academy. I am currently in my fourth and final year of my education. In the beginning of my third year I started to specialize in compositing. And I am loving it!

I am specialized in compositing, but I also have knowledge of the VFX pipeline and I have the basic knowledge of the CG department.

Below you will find my showreel and some projects that I have permission to talk about and show from the past few years.


First, take a look at my showreel from 2022. In this showreel are school projects and personal projects from the past two years. And projects I did during my internship at Storm Post Production in Amsterdam.

Below each shot is a small explanation of what exactly I did with that shot. Thanks for watching and enjoy!


For the graduation short film 'EOS' I was a compositor, lighting artist, and VFX coordinator. For the two shots I was assigned to I had to do compositing, keying, rotoscoping and relighting.

And the task for both shots was to integrate the CG background environment with the filmed footage in the studio.

The moving lights in both shots were relighted and animated in Nuke.

For more information about EOS you can visit the Rookies entry page for 'Film of the Year - Visual Effects' of EOS following this link.


Star Wars Daybreak was a small project that Stevenson and I started, in our last year, to get to know Clarisse a little bit. Stevenson did all aspects of CG in Clarisse including rendering. And I used Maya for the animation. Finally I did the compositing in Nuke.

The red and blue laser bolts in this shot were made with the particle system in Nuke.

Creature Creation

Creature Creation was a school project I had in my second year of my graduation. I've done all aspects for this shot.

I sculpted the creature in ZBrush and textured it in Substance Painter. I Animated the camera and did the layout in Maya and rendered with Arnold. The FX of the exploding rocks are made in Houdini. And finally I composited the shot in Nuke.


Koester was a graduation film in 2021 from the 'University of the Arts Utrecht'.

For this shot, the green screen had to be replaced with the Earth in space. This is all made in Nuke.


Exolvo was a VFX graduation animation trailer made by the class of 2021 of the Netherlands Film Academy.

Exolvo also participated in the Rookies Awards of 2021 last year. For more information follow this link.

So last year I had to composite the last shot of the trailer. It's a full CG shot. And the rain has been added with stock footage. I had to integrate the matte painting background with the CG render of the rocks and creature. I aslo added a camera shake. This was all done in Nuke.

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