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Eco Steve

Eco Steve

by Ernesto Perez Olsson, Jessica Mattila, Liridon Imeri, Lucas Norrman, and lirrydon on 23 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

This is a 2d platformer game for mobile. The theme is environment and saving the earth.

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This is a game inspired by the organization WWF. Their cause inspired us to create a game that will bring their message of a better world forward in a new way. The main goal is to save all the animals, endangered or not, and to clean the environment we all share together. 

You play as Steve, a character inspired by Steve Irwin. Your running through levels of endless platforms, where you encounter dangers in different forms. Along the way you can pick up trash that transforms in to currency which you use to customize your character, or buy a companion. You'll find animals as well that you'll use to unlock new worlds where you'll find new enviroments in need, and new dangers to save them from.

A unique mechanic for this genre of games are our companions. They are all different species, with different abilities to help the player during gameplay. They run behind you and follow your every step, and randomly provide you with whatever their abilities are. The species range from your everyday outdoor cat, to long time dead dinosaur.

We've been working in a group of four, and we call ourselves Mountain Games. This project has been very educational for all of us, we have learned new skills and advanced our understanding of game development. We've done stuff we've never done before, or never would have dared to attempt, but are now glad to have experienced. 

Here is the link to our game (Only for Androids)

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