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Anne-Sarah REINICHE - 3D animation entry

Anne-Sarah REINICHE - 3D animation entry

Anne-Sarah Reiniche
by AnneSarah on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Few of my CG work from the past two years at Ecole MoPA ! Hope you'll like it.

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I'm Anne-Sarah Reiniche, an animation student at Ecole Mopa. I'm passionate about body mechanics, anatomy and unsubtle color contrasts.

2022 Demoreel

Extract of my CG work made at MoPA School from these past 2 years. Enjoy !


Here's my biggest project of 2022, a 45s animation short film made in five months.

This film's topic is really personal and dear to me : it's about hyperphagia ; to fill up with food to compensate an interior void. Doing this may be comforting at first for the girl, but she is slowly opening the gate to this eating disorder.
I honestly think the snake may also be seen as any mental illness, depending on the spectator personal history.

I constructed my story around five strong scenes with different color spaces.  As I wanted to focus on animation and the oniric feeling, I decided to make empty environment and emphasis color contrasts.

I tried to orient my CG aesthetic around my sketches and add some 2D FX so the moovie could really look unique.

Softwares : 3ds Max, V-ray , Zbrush, Substance Painter, Nuke, Premiere Pro, Photoshop


As I prefere to work on characters, this school project was quite challenging.

Inspired by favelas and buildings from the south of France, I tried to make this backstreet post apocalyptic, once again, focusing on the composition and colors.
Doing the lighting and the compositing of the scene was really fun.

Softwares : 3ds Max, Arnold , Photoshop, Nuke

Thank you so much for your attention !

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