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3D environments, props and some fun "dream machines"

3D environments, props and some fun "dream machines"

by salomevandereyt on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hey, I'm Salomé, a graduating student at Howest - Digital Arts and Entertainment. Check out some 3D environments and props I made, as well as my favourite "dream machines" I made in collaboration with an elementary school class and a team of talented students at DAE.

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Chinese Fireworks Shop

The goal of this first piece was to create a lowpoly, stylised house that could be part of a chinese civilization. I used the technique of the popular online game Albion Online, where the texture of the house and the props were combined into 1 texture map and mostly used gradients. This ensures that the texture can easily be reused for a house in the same style. This piece was modelled in 3DSMax and textured in Photoshop.

I like to imagine that the owner of the shop makes his own fireworks in the backyard and sells them at the front of the shop.

Valley of The Ruins

For this piece, the goal was to make a 3D environment based on the theme 'ruins' in Unreal Engine 4. The focus was on using lighting and composition to make the shot come to life. I based myself off the amazing 2D concept "Titan's Fall" by Khairizal Anwar. Check out their work here:

The scene consists of Megascans assets and asset packs from Unreal Engine Marketplace. I also tried my hand at Substance Designer for the first time during this project.

The Backrooms (Group project) - Props and RFX

During my second year of Digital Arts and Entertainment, I was grouped with 2 other artists and 2 programmers to make a vertical slice of an arcade game. We chose to make a horror arcade game centered around the urban legend of The Backrooms. For the project, I made several of the props , RFX, and did part of the level decoration. 

This project was made in collaboration with Caroline Aust (UI, Characters, Props, Level Decoration) , Eloise De Backer (Characters, Props, RFX) , Bjarne Huijs (Programming) and Yannick Godeau (Programming). Some of their work is shown in the in-game screenshot.

In the image above, you can see the blood RFX and attack RFX in action.

MyMachine (Group project) - Props and concepts 

Next up, another group project with a completely different theme. Last semester, I was part of a group of students that were tasked to have a creativity session with elementary school kids about their "dream machine". After the session we went to work using the kids' drawings to make a game. 

In the end, we came up with some pretty ridiculous stuff thanks to the kids' ideas.
I mostly worked on turning the drawings into 2D concepts and modelling some of these 2D concepts and other props.

It was quite a challenge since we had to turn 37 drawings into 2D blueprints and +- half of them into 3D models as well as make them fit in a game, but I had a lot of fun with the crazy ideas.

Check out the 3D models, 2D blueprints and the kids' original drawings of my favourite dream machines that I created down below. 

This project was made in collaboration with Laura Pirelli (Concepting, Characters, RFX, Props, Level Decoration) , Thibaut Bouten (Concepting, Characters, Rigging, Props, Level Decoration) , Koen Laureys (Programming, Level Design, Props), Bjarne Huijs (Programming) and Ian Duforet (Programming, Level Design). None of their work shown.

Ice Cream Shooter, this angry ice cream is an enemy in the game and shoots molten ice cream at the player.

Love Gun, this is one of the guns that the player can find in the game. It makes enemies fall in love with the player so they stop attacking for a small amount of time.

Vuilatie, the biggest enemy in the game is actually a bot that cleans up trash and incinerates it in his body. If he sees you littering, you will get stomped though.

Vlokibruno, an invention that was originally made to show Amber's chicken, Bruno, that she is not scared of him and that she can fly better than him. In the game, it helps the player double jump.

Hasselblad Camera

To wrap up this entry, I decided to showcase my game-ready model of the Hasselblad camera that came out for their 50th anniversary. It was modelled in 3DSMax, textured in Substance Painter and rendered in real-time in Unreal Engine 4.

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