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The Flooded Hospital

The Flooded Hospital

Luke Heath
by lukeheathart on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

A flooded hospital - a game ready environment that is set within the near future. Created within Unreal Engine 5 - using lumen to light in real time.

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              The Flooded Hospital

The flooded hospital was inspired by current real-world events and the theme of climate change. Rising sea levels have caused debris, trash and foliage to flood into this hospital. Nature has reclaimed aspects of the environment, while story telling elements highlight how humanity lived right before the floods hit.

Memories almost lost to nature and time

Macro Shots

Variations of Hospital Gurney's

Asset Zoo - All props made

Asset Zoo - Modular coridor + pipe kit

Asset Zoo - Foliage kit

Thanks for reading and looking!

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