Luu Quoc Thai
by Troy13 and lyolo on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

A 2.5D Metroidvania type side scroller set in a futuristic world where you can traverse without any limit on speed. Cut and slash through enemies and save the city from a malevolent corporation that will relentlessly hunt you down for your power. Download:

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For optimization and consistent Art style, we made the decision to texture and model most of everything based on 1 trim sheet that is super customizable.

Additionally, Construction script in utility blueprints were used to easily place assets.

These instanced meshes are lighter to render and help speed up the set dressing process

Light types were used very carefully as well. Since our game map is pretty big, we had to optimize the bake lighting. Static lights were used anywhere possible that has limited dynamic components, Stationary lights were used where it would cast shadow on the main character but still has to be careful with overlapping shadow maps. 

Character model

Character Illustration by Kenna Green

Here is how we made the VFX and most of the tech art for the game.

In order to make VFX has purpose and feels intentional instead of just spawning a bunch of particle. We had to combine blueprinting and VFX, to determine where, how to spawn the system. 

Logo and in-game font made by Chloe Choinsky-Tucker

Level design by Martin Liscano

In-game music made by Blue Duong and Rio Ames

SFX made by Huynric

The link to the build of the game:

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