David Giménez Pursuit Entry

David Giménez Pursuit Entry

by davgm on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I did a chase for a friend music video, from the car leaving the garage to the final chase.

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This project is an integration which I am developing for a friend’s videoclip. We need a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo that was not available for us, so I created several CGI scenarios.

In these scenarios, I intended to show a Lancer Evo since this car starts until the chase occurs.

The first scenario is a parking space. I used lighting, shading, rig and animation, all of this except the model of the cars that were downloaded by me. For the parking space model, i was inspired by a tutorial that I found.

I rigged these cars with the rigacar addon in Blender. After the animation and the render, I composed the scene in After effects.

In the material of the car body I wanted to simulate the heterogeneity that they have in their paint.

Here is the final result of one of the footage from scenario 1.

This scenario was far more complex than the last one, which already includes fabric simulations and particles (moths). Some assets were downloaded from Quixel and Kitbash, specially the assets of the store.

Wanted to create a kind of cyberpunk japanes street, and the references that I found of this style were the following:

When i created the papers I had a problem because there was too much geometry to consider, I chose to create a new geometry with all the objects together in an unique object, with the purpose of reduce the weight of the simulation. Afterwards, I created a cache for the collisions and I hid it.

I used the same process for the car collision with the ground.

This was the result of the simulation:

The led sign was made by mapping and animating the UV’s map, using the object which contained small spheres that simulated leds inside of them. This meant a lot of geometry cost, that was solved in other led signs in the scenario 3. 

To end, i did the last tweaks in after effects and this was the result. 

The assets used here are mine except for the cars, which I took from the blender transportation library and the plants, which are downloaded models.

This scene is split in two parts, the tunnel part and the outter part. The outter part was created with a lot of plant assetes, which were spread throughout the map using scattering.

These are the references that i used for the tunnel part.

Using the array and subdivision modifier, I made my objects follow a path of whatever extent I wanted.

I made the cars follow a similar curve, adding the follow path modifier to each car's rig.

This time I used texture instead of geometry to create the led signs.

Finally, this was the composition work I did in after effects.

To end, this was the composition job that I made in after effects.

Thank you very much for your patience, I hope it was worthy!

Greetings, David! 

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