Various Concept Art Projects

Various Concept Art Projects

by willemvl on 23 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

A collection of some of my Concept Art projects and sketches :)

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Energy Mining Operation - Final Image

Energy Mining Operation - Process.
Starting out with research, reference gathering and compiling that in a style guide.
Then doing some composition sketches and design drawings, which from where I started to explore the scene in 3D and going back and forth to figure out multiple problems and designing the space & mood. The modelling is done in Blender, and painted + photobashed on top for the final image.

Mutant Experimentation - Version A. This direction shows a more secretive approach, as if its in some secret lab.

Mutant Experimentation - Version B. This direction is more civil and could take place in a hospital or at the vet. Maybe someone's pet got into real trouble and now the doctors have no idea what to do with it

An Astronauts Nightmare

Space Hotel Lobby

Ship's arrival

Matte Painting practice - Final image

Matte Painting practice - Process
Starting with some rough sketching for the idea, and then refining some of these ideas to black and white concept paintings. From there I chose on to create a final from.



Paris school project - Catacombs - Napoleon tomb Final

Paris school project - Catacombs - Napoleon tomb Process

Finding the shots with thumbnails and designing the architecture

Paris school project - Catacombs- Hidden tomb entrance Final

Paris school project- Catacombs - 2 other sketches from this project that I still like, but at the time my deadline didn't allow me to create final paintings out of them.

Paris school project - Catacombs - Hidden tomb entrance process
Designing the space of the location. This 'tomb' actually has a hidden entrance underneath it that will lead you through a "temple" into the final tomb of Napoleon. I explored some ideas of how the architecture progresses from the Catacombs to Empire style, as well as exploring level design opportunities.

Various Props

Various sketches.
I often do these type of sketches either to explore a design, or to study some kind of subject matter.

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