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Winter Clothing Modeling - Sang des Glaciers

Winter Clothing Modeling - Sang des Glaciers

Camille Guibert
by CamilleGuibert on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Several winter clothes created for my student short film: Sang des Glaciers.

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Here is my work on the Clothes Modeling for my Student Short Film: "Sang des Glaciers". Our goal was to create three characters crossing a frozen city. So naturally, the clothes of the characters had to be adapted to the climate.

So I started by looking for different clothes: K-way, ski coat, winter jacket, etc.

As our characters are three survivors in a post-apocalyptic world, we wanted them to have pockets on their clothes to store necessities.

Once my design ideas were a bit clearer, I made several sketches on Photoshop until I reached the final designs you can see below. 

And now, let's get to my favorite part: Creating the clothes on Marvelous Designer.

For each character, I started by creating a simple clothing base. Then, I added more and more details: Pockets, elastics, stitches, etc.

From the clothes created on Marvelous, I sent my clothes to Maya to do the Retopology. I spent a lot of time on this step which is rather long and repetitive. It's quite difficult to find the right number of polygons for your geometry.

Once the Retopo was done, I used Zbrush to add details to the garments, especially on the folds.

Then I worked on Substance 3D Painter for the texturing. For this render, we wanted textures with a "paint" effect. The idea was to let "brush strokes" appear on the textures of the clothes. I searched for a long time to find the final look of the clothes so that it would work well in Maya rendering. I also made some ice materials on Substance 3D Designer, which you can get a glance of them on the clothes.

After all these steps, I was able to add everything on Maya, create some lights and render the images you can see above. I also used Nuke to composite the images to bring out the textures of the clothes.

I now let you with a Process view in pictures of the three character's clothes. Hope you'll appreciate my post.

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