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Ewelina Bielska - Illustration & Concept Art 2022

Ewelina Bielska - Illustration & Concept Art 2022

Ewelina Bielska
by ewebielska on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I'm currently a third year Animation student at DJCAD in Scotland. Here is the portfolio of works I've created most recently apart from studying for my course.

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Hello there!

It's a pleasure to participate in this contest for the first time and showcase what I've been up to for the past year and a half. Hope you enjoy my work :)

Personal reimagining of Riven from the obscure skinline Crimson Elite from League of Legends. Made some changes to the helmet and armour to better fit in with the modern League aesthetic. Also tried to hint at the environment to be Noxus as much as possible, Riven has climbed up so high in the Noxian ranks that she sits on the throne, hence the Elite aspect.

Final splash and some thumbnails - this took quite a long time but was so much fun!

Another fan reimagination, this time based on the Legends of Runeterra Celestial illustrations. I've created my own Celestial - the mighty kirin! His powers allow him to open up portals with his tail and jump through them like hoops.

Explored different approaches with these concepts, trying to imagine what different aspects of cosmos to include in the final design.

The Silent Wanderers, once human, were possessed by demons that came to feed on the sins of greed, pride and anger ever-present in the inhabitants of the Wild West. The Shaman and The Priest became hunters, using demonic magic back against demons, fighting fire with fire.

Concept art worldbuilding project - really loved the final rendering :)

Pirate captain Cartha is a fierce warrior and a cunning strategist, qualities that have helped her and her loyal crew in many dire situations. Known simply as The Parrot thanks to the brightly colored feathers that she adorns her coat with, she does not sympathize with any self-righteous heroes, but is willing to sell temporary allegiance of her ship to the highest bidder.

Inspired by Overwatch, I was going for a concept that would be bright and dynamic!

Personal project still in the works. Dima is a just a pipe guy in an apocalyptic desert setting, he's just going with the flow.

Thank you for viewing!

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