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Character Sculpts by Kristian LaGrange

Character Sculpts by Kristian LaGrange

Kristian LaGrange
by kristianlagrange on 23 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

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These entries are assignments from Howest DAE for the module Character Creation. All of them are sculpted and rendered in Zbrush and final images were composited in Photoshop.


The first is a portrait sculpture of a celebrity or film character of our choice where we had to capture the subject's likeness and personality. I chose Daniel Plainview from the film "There Will Be Blood", portrayed by Daniel Day-Lewis, because he really stood out to me as unique with many subtleties in his facial expressions that add to his personality.

I had to research a lot of reference to capture the likeliness of both the actor and the character as well as possible.


My second assignment was a fun one: we had to come up with a creature concept based on the Chaos Gods from the Warhammer games.

The Warhammer universe is home to four different gods: the god of war, decay, lust and change. I've decided to make a design of Nurgel, the God of decay, because I found great potential for lots of detail that decay offers.


My final assignment was a human body sculpture. We had to make a sculpture of a design or character of our choice. I chose a 2D design I made in the first semester. 

I tried to fix some of the proportional and anatomical mistakes in the 2D drawing and mimic it's vibrant colors in the rendering.

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