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Virginie Pellet - 2018 -2019 works

Virginie Pellet - 2018 -2019 works

Virginie Pellet
by virginiepellet on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Here is a selection of works I did this year (and one last year). I hope you'll like it! I did every projects alone, from design to the final render that you see.

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Facade project : Background

Here is the background for our second year final year project, made from concept art to render.

"My babies...", Creature design

Made on photoshop

Salamander project

This is a project I had to do in a few months: I made everything from modelisation to compositing.

Mona monkey

This is the result of the first fur project I had to do. I started by doing a concept for my monkey, then I had to model it, groom it and texture it.

South america landscape : matte painting.

Drawn on photoshop, composing made in Nuke.

The first image is the final layers used in nuke, the second the concept art I did to guide myself and the last one is one image from the final render.

Modern circus artist's dressing room : 

First year final year project made from concept art to final rendering. We had a few months to write a pre-production file and then 3 weeks to model, texture, light, render, and do the compositing for the two views. The artist I choose is a young girl, a modern circus genius that is deeply involved in her activity. What I wanted to show is that although she is passionate about circus, it doesn't mean that she gives up on everything else and that she has to face it alone: she is still a girl and she is supported by her family and friends.

Crane rigging

This is my first rigg ever: I had to modelise an engine with a crane arm and a claw, so I decided to do a little rover. Then I had to rigg it all.

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