Concept Art Pieces 2022

Concept Art Pieces 2022

Noel Martins
by noelmartins on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Some of the artwork I have produced this year studying at New3dge Concept Art!

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Post-apocalyptic Aircraft Museum

Seaside Stronghold

For this concept, done during Max Schiller's class, we had to design a castle. I decided to create a fort with an unwelcoming gritty mood, used as a base for hunting sea monsters!

Fantasy Market

Lighting Studies

Greenhouse Machinery

For George Varodi's class we were tasked with creating an environment design containing a mechanical element that contrasted heavily with the rest of the space. I designed a couple of environments inspired by a technology that extracts iron from plants.


Building Design

Done for Paul Riebe's class, this concept had to be a building raised up from the ground with some way to get up. I was inspired by nepalese architecture for this one!

Character Designs

This assignment was to design two characters, one bounty hunter and one dangerous alien. Done for Thomas Istepanyans's class.

Fantasy Character Designs

Mars Freight Transport


During this years final class, which was taught by Christophe Young, we did an excercise where we redlined some of our old art and then painted over it, fixing those mistakes. The original painting, which is on the left (I hope thats obvious haha), was done a couple months before starting at New3dge. I would like to end on this because, although I still have a long way to go, I'm very happy with my improvement so far!

Thanks for checking out my entry, I hope you enjoyed it!

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