Environments and more..

Environments and more..

Joe Rodrigues
by usul on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hello everyone, i'm pleased to present the various projects i was able to produce during my time at New3dge as an Environment Artist. I have always enjoyed the very colourful worlds of Blizzard, Ghibli and many others. So, recently i decided that i was going to specialize in stylized and more specifically in Handpaint.

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                          - Umiko - 

The Umiko project is a group project on which I was mainly in charge of the Environment.
During this project, I was able to make a Smart Material on Substance Painter allowing us to have a stylized Handpaint procedural render via Masks compounds, a multitude of Props, Textures, or even Level-Art, Blockout and of course polishing to make the game as sexy as possible.
Also, in order to present my work, I made some dioramas.
It was an incredible experience that allowed me to develop my skills exponentially, not to mention the atmosphere we were in which was great thanks to my teammates.

The Golden Garden is a quiet and sunny place, an ode to meditation. It is filled with traditionnal japanese structures, inspired by zen gardens and shinto's sanctuary.
The Lavender Field is a Japanese cemetery with a mysterious and cold atmosphere. 

The Tombs :

There are six different graves!
In order to bring a maximum of diversity, I was able to create foam planes that I could put on some of them. 

Food Assets :

This is the mix of my two passions: Art and food!
I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them. :)

                                                                                  - Pancakes -

                                                                                 - Taiyaki -

                                                                                  - Moshis -

                             - Heka -

This project was an incredible group experience, we had fun in an excellent working atmosphere both in terms of communication and mutual aid. The goal of this project was to create a third person game so, we wanted to bring an atmosphere both Egyptian and Sci-Fi respecting the concept of Leo Sapolsky while taking liberties so that this project belongs to us both in terms of of achievement than imagination.

On this project, I was in charge of the Environment team (five people in all), which allowed me to see and solve the various problems that could arise during a production.
Also, I was able to realize the whole Lighting, the modular Assets composing the city and the various Trimsheets, the Fx, a part of the Level-Art and some plants such as the Dolithos Lablab (I love their name Ahah) this species covering the walls of this project.

Some videos of our environment showing the Lighting, Fx and everything else.

                 - Stylised House -

Initially, this project was only a class project during which we had to make a house using the Trimsheet technique. So I took part of the “Bird House” concept from the incredible Arturo Serrano and modified it a bit to have more fun. Then I decided to finalize it in my free time by adding some props, some foliage, some fx and especially some lighting that would make me happy to watch. Finally, I completed this project in about three weeks. I really enjoyed doing this project. It was both calming and fun. 

Process :

I first of all realized the blocking of my house in Unreal. In a second step, I started to model the base of the shapes of this one in order to have the dimensions to make my Trimsheets. Then, I made my Trimsheets on Zbrush and Substance Painter. (For Bake and Texturing.) Then I did my first lighting pass, I modeled the final rendering of my house (11500 Polys) and I unfolded it with Rizom. After placing my UVs correctly, I definitely integrated my assets into Unreal. Finally, I was able to proceed with the final lighting of my scene while incorporating foliage that I created with a database downloaded from Mégascan, FX by composing my shaders ( They were rather simple so it's okay ahah )
And finally, I was able to do my Post Process before doing my renderings. 

Trimsheets : 

Foliage and Fx : 

                    - Corridor SciFi -

We had to make a SciFi corridor during a one and a half month course at New3dge school. I went for something simple but impactful! What could be better than an open door to the dark? Through this project, I had a lot of fun bringing it to life, both in terms of modelling and textures, lightning and Fx, to give it a supernatural and creepy atmosphere.
Concept art of the door by Paul Pepera.

Process :

So I started to model the big shapes of my assets on 3DsMax, then I quickly turned with constantly Max, Unreal and Photoshop open. Apart from the Alien assets, the modeling was mainly done on Max and the texturing was done on Unreal. Once my tests are finished (Size, Lights, Build my scene, Texturing), I finished modeling my assets, then I unfolded them with 3DsMax and finally, I was able to integrate them definitively in Unreal in order to start to use them texture with Master Materials. I included my lights in Blueprints then I started to detail my scene by adding dust, puddles with VertexPaint, decals, and Fx (Smoke, particles, and fog). Finally, I started to do my post process, with the different parts of Unreal and the LUT. Then I placed my camera and made my renderings.

                      - Bee Cleaver -

This is a personal project made with 3DsMax, Zbrush, Marmoset Toolbag, and Substance Painter.

These years spent at New3dge and in a work-study program with such caring people who are able to pass on their skills with such professionalism have allowed me to grow both in the job and as a person.
I can never thank enough all the people who have accompanied me in this journey that has just begun.

I hope you enjoyed my post, I thank you for spending your time to contemplate it. 😊

                      - The End -

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