Nieves Domínguez - 2022 Portfolio

Nieves Domínguez - 2022 Portfolio

Nieves Domínguez
by Tex on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This is a collection of my favorite works done during my first few months at Animum. I've learn't a lot during this time and I hope I can keep improving!

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Abyssal creature

This is the first full project done during my time at Animum. We had to model and texture a realistic creature and I chose to recreate this concept art by Yanis Cardin (Traaw).

I used ZBrush for the sculpting, Maya for the retopology, UVs & render and Substance Painter for the textures.

Realistic portrait

This portrait was also created with the feedback of my tutors at Animum. All the details were sculpted by hand and with alphas, I really enjoyed it.


And finally I practised some facial expression blendshapes.

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