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DAE - Howest 2021-2022

DAE - Howest 2021-2022

Giulia De Medici
by GiuliaDeMedici on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

A choice of the pieces made while attending DAE so far.

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Lake Ruins

A lake, home to an un-named sword and the ruin of forgotten paths.

The environment development was heavily focused on light handling and composition, both aspects I really liked to explore.

I used as the base concept Oksana Dobrovolska's Magic-Forest concept art piece and gathered light and environment reference pieces to complement it. 

The sword, the hero piece of this environment, was made by iceboxX708.


A cozy rustic attic in the countryside. I really wanted to recreate the warm feeling of a sunny afternoon spent reading books and drawing, surrounded by perfumes, the earthy one of plants, and the intense one of the wood heated by the sun.

Inspired by magali vidal's concept art piece.

Credits (2D):

Wallpaper Pattern edited from "Art Nouveau Dragonfly Pattern" by Diane Johnson

Credits (3D):

lychee_01 by Oliver Harris
Brass_Vase_04 by Riico Cilliers
"Chair" by shuvalov.di
"Old bookcase (low poly)" by sergeilihandristov
"Vintage Wooden Drawer 01 4k" by mohamedhussien
"Vintage German Radio" by chrisg4919
"Carpet" by Lucas Garnier
"Old Kitchen Shelf" by GameDev Nick

Procedural Terrain Generator

This environment was generated with Houdini, from the modeling of the terrain itself to the terrain variation painting, from the river to the rock generation to the assets scattering.

Cine-Kodak Royal 16mm Magazine Camera

Magnetic Tool

A very weird extendable magnetic tool a friend of mine found in her rented flat. Don't ask me what its purpose is. I have no idea.


3D model based on IWSE Zhang concept.

Hover Car

A re-invented 1969' Citroen Pallas DS21 into a vintage-futuristic hover car. 

Book of Travels inspired Diorama

A small tribute to one of the most relaxing games I played recently: Book of Travels. I love the art style of it, and with this small scene, I wanted to re-create the same feeling I get from the drawings in 3D. 

Vertex Color Tool

A simple script that allows you to assign whatever vertex color gradient you might wish for to big batches of assets. 

Select the folder containing your meshes and the new one you wish them to be saved to, set the gradient you wish, press "Bake", and boom! It's done. Simple as that. And if for any reason your Maya file crashes, nothing to worry about, a backup file is already set to automatically restart the work from where it was left or, if you need, you can always select the backup file for yourself.

Interstice Tool

Tired of making those annoying interstices of which any high poly mesh seams to be full? Well, do not worry, the "Interstice Tool", it's here to do the job for you. Just set your preferred parameters and with one click you just saved minutes and minutes of menial steps.

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