Ancient City - 3D Environment

Ancient City - 3D Environment

Marc Peña Bernils
by marcpenya on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Project Nannar. A project made by our whole class during 6 months in Unreal Engine 5.

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Nannar - Ancient City

Nannar is a project that the whole class has been working on, and it is a playable demo. The game is separated by different zones but the one I've been working on all this time is the ancient city. My more specific role has been to create props for the city, parts of some buildings, and do all the setdressing of the area. Our main inspiration has been the Sumerian civilization and also games like Assassins Creed.

Special mention to the Lead Artist of the project Ignacio Naranjo who has helped us to improve our skills and to make this project go ahead.

(The project is still in WIP and some things are missing, for example the NPCs)

The buildings, props, walls and the main gate are also from Adrià López, Xavier Puigpinós, Albert Guijarro and Alex Almirall.



What we wanted to achieve in this square was to create a market in front of the temple. A busy place where most of the citizens spend the day buying and exchanging things.

Hidden Plaza

This is a square a little further away from the market area. It is a small plaza with a more cozy look and overlooking the great temple of advanced civilization (made by Daniel Garcia).


The streets that connect the two entrance gates to the city and the different squares.


Before the set dressing of the city my job was to create several sets of props to decorate it.

The first props I made were the doors of the houses.

Then I made a set of woods with which I built a lot of structures used all over the map.

(The cloth from the awnings are made by Albert Guijarro)

The next set of props I made was this one consisting of barrels and an animal cage.

I followed with a set more focused on the market, with the tables and some stools.

I also made some instruments to give a little more life and music to the city.

Next up was these three bamboo canes that have been used to make small structures like these.


Wicker basket with incense

This was the first hero prop I made, it is a vase with incense inside a wicker basket.

Ancient Boat

This was the other hero prop I was in charge of, it is about a ship that sails the waters of the river transporting commerce.

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