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Bryan Zapata G
by Sempybata on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hello!, I am a first-year student from New3dge Concept art, this is a compilation of some of the work I've made during the year (:!

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These 2 images were done as part of a project for Jason Horley's class, we had to team up and create some frames for a pitch. I had the luck to work with my talented classmates and friends Yann Leblanc and Jérôme Bianchi, check their work too!

This project was done for Chris Kintner's class, we had to create an interior in a post-apocalyptic setup where a person would be working in a vehicle ready to go and face whatever is outside!. 

These images were created during Max Schiller's course, we had to design a castle that later on we would put in a key shoot, the idea was to demonstrate how it would look after and before destruction. It was very fun c:

For Ivan Laliashvili's class, we work with big scale from the top view, and we learn a new workflow and some new tools for it! and this is what I came up with.

In George Varodi's class, we created some photo collages that later on we would use as a reference for our painting, I really liked this process

This was for Léa Pinto's class! we learned a new painting process and for it, we made some photo studies. the boat was made during her class, the following images are studies I've done with a friend in our free time trying to really get the workflow we learn and practice simplification/speed we would set a timer for it

These paintings were made for Etienne Hebinger's class, we had to make an environment with different mood/ light variations following his workflow which was super fun to try!

For Joe Gloria's class, we made different things focusing on design this is some of what I did, we had to make a sci-fi corridor with some "assets" we created before no 3D

These 2 designs were made for Wouter Gort's class, in the first one we had to design a kind of "crate" that could contain something else, the brief was open to interpretation so I designed a backpack that would contain gauntlets for prosthetic arm users. 

For the second design, we had to come up with an idea for a weapon that could have 2 phases/ transform or unfold somehow, I came up with this design which is a hunters rifle with 2 modes, the long-range and short range
 for the short range, the idea was to make it shoot some kind of spider web to capture a creature

In long-range, the ammunition would have the function to tranquilize from a safe distance, the "barrel" that unfolds has plates that can increase the power of the ammunition shoot to reach longer distances

the little animation was to show how I imagine the weapon would unfold, inspired by a demo "animation for concept artist -we are not animators-  " we watch during class after we ask wouter for it hehe

During Dmitry Yepik class, we designed a vehicle and modeled it from scratch on blender,  my challenge during this project was to push as much as I could my 3d modeling skills while applying design principles we had learn throughout the year

later on, I reused the model I did during his class, did some retouches on it, and apply some of the techniques I've learned during the year as a little project to wrap up this first year, and here are the results.

To finish I would like to express my gratitude to all the people I've met this year, thanks for making this an awesome experience (:!

Thank you for looking at my entry! until next time...

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