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Augustus de Prima Porta

Augustus de Prima Porta

Gunnar Schelhorn
by GSchelhorn on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

First sculpting and modeling project

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Hello everyone,

My name is Gunnar Schelhorn, I am 45 years old and studying at PIXL VISN digital media arts academy in Cologne, Germany.

Here I proudly present my first demo project and entry for the Rookie Awards 2022 in the category 3D Animation.

In this project the use of reference was understandably highly important. It is a very popular piec of history, so there was a lot to find online, but I also had the opportunity to visit it in the Vatikan Museum and examen it in person.

With this project I wanted to dive into Zbrush. Therefor I started from scratch, with a sphere and worked my way up to a forty million polygon model, which took me several months in this one program.

In this process I learned about the limits and mechanics of dynameshing, the advantages of multiple subdivision layers, all kinds of different brushes, rigging inside of Zbrush and much more.

The textures I created in Substance Painter. I wanted to gain an old and little bit of run down finish, with breaks and scratches.

I rendered with Arnold in Maya in the colorspace of Aces and did compositing in Nuke

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