Samurai Warrior

Samurai Warrior

by ChelseaC on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Final year project at Staffordshire University. The goal was to expand my texturing skills as well as expanding my knowledge of soft clothing construction

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Samurai Warrior

This is one of my final projects at University. The character is inspired by Ghost of Tsushima and the goal was to be able to use my knowledge of Marvelous Designer to be able to create a complex outfit with a lot of clothing layers

This character finished at 90k tris spread over 6 maps, four 2k maps and two 1k maps. A big challenge for this project was learning how to optimise UV space further and to be able to advance my knowledge of shader setup in-engine as I used transitional eye meshes as well as tiling normal maps on the skin.

Hellblade Nidstang 

A turnaround from a previous project last semester

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