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Character - Concept Art - 2021 to Present

Character - Concept Art - 2021 to Present

Aden Manning
by mannia0294 on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

A large collection of my character concept art with a few illustration pieces. These projects are self explored for own artistic growth and or affiliated with my university classes through 2nd and 3rd year at CDW Studios.

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Dark Fantasy Knight

This knight was heavily inspired by final fantasy and lord of the rings. It was a personal project set earlier this year.

Dark Wizard Illustration Concept

Dark wizard concept from earlier this year. Exploring more illustrative story elements for my character piece. Heavily inspired from hearthstone and Magic the gathering.

Merfolk Design

Merfolk design. This was heavily inspired off of the game Dungeons and Dragons. Was trying to challenge myself by drawing a character out of my comfort zone with a more graphic style read.

Egyptian Demonic Anubis

For university was tasked to create a series of characters that was inspired by a religion and or part of the world. I chose to do Egypt and take a spin on their gods.

Egyptian Mummy

This was my personal take on an Egpytian mummy.

Messenger of the Egyptian Gods.

This piece is apart of my Egpytian Series. Its exploring the concept of a messenger between the gods where this lady uses her cranes to deliver important messages.

Sci Fi Space Soldier Design

Other Illustrations (Characters and Ferrari.)

Warrior orc inspired by World of Warcraft created earlier this year.

Ferrari piece created last year. Was first time rendering a vechile and drawing one.

Hearthstone inspired illustration, trying to challenge myself by making me create my characters with more story and emotion.

Older project here exploring how an mysterious zombie inspired illness would effect a person.

Sailor created last year done for a personal project to explore certain techniques.

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