Furnace Feeders

Furnace Feeders

This game is the result of a group project at Digital Art and Entertainment. It was a hard journey. We learned a lot as a team and overcame many challenges. At the end we are proud to present to you, Furnace Feeders.

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Game summary

Furnace Feeders is a team-based couch 2v2player game with the goal of scoring scraps into the enemy furnace. Once the timer runs out, the team who scored the most wins! Use your robot to dash into other players and make them drop the scrap or wait to dash three times and destroy the enemy robot! As everyone fights for the scrap and tries to satiate the great hunger of the furnaces, chaos unfolds- the scrap is thrown, dropped, and launched across the map.

Which team shall be the best?


Our team 


Tamy Popelier
Jasper Mathy
Leon Heytens


Sintija Krasilnikova

Sound designer:

Jake Wheaton

Available on itch.io : https://pietervdr.itch.io/furnacefeeders

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