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Houdini FX Demo Reel Julián Martínez

Houdini FX Demo Reel Julián Martínez

Julian Martinez Guillen
by julianmartinez on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

These are some projects I've been working on in the last few months.

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Hi everyone! This is my Demo Reel about my first university course using Houdini at FX Animation 3D at Barcelona.

These are some projects I've been working on in the last few months.

Hope you like them!


I think that this project is one of my favorites, since I was a child I have always enyojed the ads that we can see on television, smartphone... and now having the knowledge to be able to make one myself is quite rewarding!

To make this project I have taken as a reference an existing one from the NFL itself, but I decided to change several aspects to make it more dynamic, which was one of my main main objectives.


The main goal on this one was be able to work on a big project in terms of crowds to make me learn how to make it the most efficiently possible. Also to add and practice more skills, I made the field grass with Grooming and the corner flag with Vellum.

After having done a big part of this project, I think that making crowds in Houdini is a tool that I really like!


This is my Grooming project, at first, my intention was to make an antelope but finally I decided to do the grooming of this cheetah, this was not the best experience I had with Houdini but it taught many things and a review of a lot of composition concepts that I had not used for a few projects.


This was my first project with Houdini after two years using Maya, in this one I focused on understanding how to work with the materials and cameras.

I think that to be my first project is quite good!


In this one, the main goal was to learn about how vellum works and how to find the parameters that I was looking for in the solver to get the simulation that I wanted, also my intention was to make it look like a commercial TV.

After this first year using Houdini I really like it more now that the first months using it, I definitely want to continue learning about all the concpets that Houdini have.

Thanks for taking your time to watch my reel and I hope you enjoy it!

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