The Camper by the Beach

The Camper by the Beach

by ArtHeadCreations on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This project started as an assignment for one of my courses, in which we were provided a model, but then we had to create textures and shaders for it. I love rusted vehicles and thought it was a perfect look to go with for this camper. The rust was the most challenging portion, but also the most fun.

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Back, Right side, Front, Left Side of Camper with shader balls in frame

Up close detail of the textures of propane tank and trailer hitch. It is a real propane label that has warnings and cautions. (Props to google for providing those images.) 

The inside and outside look of the windows. I added a roughness dirt filter in Substance painter and messed with the scale, rotation, and the amount of it, along with a couple of other things. I wanted to make sure the windows had a grimy/dirty look to them since the rest of the camper does. 

Luggage details. I figured the camper model was from the late 60s or 70s, so I wanted the luggage to match that. The floral print I did myself in Procreate before transferring it into Substance painter, but floral suitcases were a thing in the 70s, usually with the handles/sides matching the color of the luggage body. 

The leather suitcase definitely has some years on it, and I figured there would be rust forming around the locks/metal part of the luggage. 

3/4 view of the camper. The rust was probably my favorite part of the texture creating process. I used a mix of projecting references from different sites that had different forms of rust, along with creating rust from brushes in Substance Painter.  The worst corrosion/rust is at the bottom since it's exposed more to water and debris, vs the top half of the camper.  

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