Tarek Abdellatif
by tareklatif on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

My entry for this year, my 3D game art project I created in UE4, based on a concept from the Game Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus by Machine Games, the project was done for my online mentorship term graduation project at Think Tank training centre under supervision of my very talented mentor Sergei Panin. Thanks All

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I created this video using Unreal sequencer and edited later in Adobe Premiere Pro, hope you like it.

Level test in play mode

More screenshots

Level creation stages.

Some Alligator/Crocodile reference were gathered in pureref to help me understand the general shapes.

BPR render test of the highpoly sculpt of the Alligator done in ZBrush and early Iray render tests in painter.

The Alligator body parts were used in the same Alligator texture set.

Conveyor and crane assets were attached as blueprint classes and used 6 different texture set each is 2048x2048 and it's reused many times.

- An early test, blueprint classes were made to create different variations.

- The design idea came from collecting reference similar to cranes and conveyors.

The design idea came from collecting reference similar to these items I found online, for example the cover is actually is similar to the windows in the rooms of the ships, Another example.. the machine in the right actually is used to create cat litter.

Reference were gathered to create some kind of a meat cutter.

Simulation test for the garbage was created for a previous personal project, but tried ZBrush physics tool to create the shapes I wanted.

Debris sculpted in ZBrush and baked later to create the debris around the scene by using it as a foliage tool.

Sped up video to show the process of sculpting debris in ZBrush.

Wesco oil can, an asset was created for a different personal project, but I included it with this project.

Wesco oil can project:

Materials used on the scene with vertex paint or like a trimsheet (the last one).

Vertex paint example using the RGBA channels. with 3 or 4 different materials, using Height Lerp and tinting. etc.

An example of the trimsheet material used on a blueprint class.

The longer version of the final video for more cuts and details.

Testing game level with 4k, the video is sped up x2

Early test, not the best fps when using 4k res with my machine, but it runs very well in Full HD.

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