NIVEL Anthony - Concept Art Entry 2022

NIVEL Anthony - Concept Art Entry 2022

NIVEL Anthony
by Akawen on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hello ! I'm Anthony, a french concept art student. I'll share some of my art made during late 2021 and 2022.

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Lifetrain is a personal project i'm currently working on. The plot turns around a character waking up in an unsual train where each carriage is metaphorically a memory of his past life.

My main purpose, for the moment, is to find the art direction that is the most efficient in order to give a sense of poetry through colors and lights.

Since 3D became a part of my creative process, i'm building a little part with what i can do on Blender.

Phase 86 is a videogame shooter cyberpunk project i work as environment artist. I worked with Gaëlle Gleizes who is the art director. 

My objective was to create the look of a futuristic bunker around the pre-existing level design.

A comic i made for a Darkest Dungeon i did with friends. I worked with Théo Lucchetti who did most of the in-game assets and more! (you can find the mod by clicking here)

Thank you so much for considering my work and going through the whole page!

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