Gian Sharrock: Werethekau +

Gian Sharrock: Werethekau +

Gian Sharrock
by GianSharrock on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

A collection of my best work from my Flinders/CDW Studios degree this year so far. This includes my reimagining of Werethekau (an Egyptian goddess) in a cyberpunk context, digital painting studies and geo-form renders.

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Hello! My name is Gian Sharrock - nice to meet you!

This is my first Rookies submission that showcases my work that I have done as apart of my Flinders/CDW Studios degree, so far this year.  I completed all of my work digitally in Adobe Photoshop.

Thanks for having a look!

Below are my digital painting studies of people, objects and fruit that I did focusing on colour. I was most particularly proud of my pomegranate and Russell studies.

Next up is one of my characters that I designed. The brief was quite forgiving where we were allowed to pick our own with a couple of predetermined factors.  A choice of ancient religion and a choice of context - both had 4 options. I decided to do an Egyptian - Cyberpunk mix so here is my reimagining of Werethekau as a hero character, with lion modifications to her body. She is a follower of another character I did called Ma'at.

Lastly,  these are geo-forms that I measured out and rendered from scratch in my perspective class that I'm quite proud of. 

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