My Portfolio - DANIEL GUEVARA - the best of the best I have made

My Portfolio - DANIEL GUEVARA - the best of the best I have made

by danielguevara on 23 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

This is my portfolio with the best I have ever made in my life. TypingFaster, LowPolyBuilder and PNG City Builder

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My Portfolio - DANIEL GUEVARA  The best of the best I have ever made


Is the child of Low Poly city builder (or called LPCB) a 3D plugin for 3D max... all images are PNG format because I want anyone can use them even if they don't know how to use a 3D software.

See more about PNG CITY BUILDER

This is the video presentation of PNG CITY

I upload next some images of the pack showing the 4 angles of each building, I will post here a few of them because there are 6400 images in full resolution and I can't post them all here with a resolution of 1920x1080 that will be insane, and some GUIDES to

Low poly city builder - Big Daddy

Its a full and ready plugin for 3Dmax with tons of buildings in 3D, just pick and drop the building on the scene and you will gain a lot of time on any project like 2500 models were made for this pack, contains buildings blocks and objects. See more about this project here

For this, I start with just with this house, and after doing it I made a building on the side and then another and another...

Video introduction of LPCB made by mySelf

In this section, I want to show the images I have achieved using the plugin and all the objects made for these packs.

Typing Faster

Its a software that teaches people how to type faster with the keyboard, video game made by myself, I did not sleep for months doing all the graphics and coding the game, 10 months of work if you want to try it you can download the demo of the game DOWNLOAD DEMO HERE.

IT had been very difficult to let others know about this software I don't have the time to spread the voice as much as I would like on Face or tweeter if there is another INDIE DEVELOPER reading this I advise that need someone else doing the part of social networks.

MAKE OFF Skull Island - Jungle Bay

Here is the showcase of the making off of the DEMO and the GAME with some screenshots I took of the gameplay.

And this are the screen shots of the gameplay


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