Dragon Blacksmith & His Workshop

Dragon Blacksmith & His Workshop

Yulong(Tobby) Tao
by TobbyTao on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I have always loved fantasy characters. Thanks to the amazing Character concept from Jenny Brozek, and environment reference from Byung Cheol, I got to create this cool 3D scene.

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Glad this art piece is almost done. Thank you to the character concept artist Jenny Brozek and the environment concept artist Byung Cheol for giving me permission to build a 3D scene from their concept design. 

Dragon Blacksmith turntable rendering.

I was using Zbrush to sculpt Dragon Blacksmith and bring the character into Maya for retopology. After I was done with the mesh, I created the outfit for the character using Marvelous Designer.  On the other hand, I modeled the little dragon and weapon first using Maya, then add details in Zbrush. 

I used Substance Painter to create textures for most of my 3D assets. Some metal materials were created in Substance Designer. Thanks to Megascan, I was able to combine and mix a few animal skin textures to create the skin texture for this character. These images were from work in progress, not the final textures.

I used Zbrush to pose the character, then start rebuilding one of my environment scenes. I organized every object in the scenes to fit this huge character. It was a long process to finish the environment. Hope I will have time to go back and work on the textures on some objects someday.

After setting up the camera and lights for the whole scene. I used Vray to render the scene with and without Fog.

Rendering using Vray and Nuke.

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