My journey - Giulia Greggio

My journey - Giulia Greggio

Giulia Greggio
by Joliemour on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This is my journey through these months of study. I decided to give myself a chance with my projects, which I did after a course in 3d modeling and a lot of self study. I'm first of all a modeler, but I also enjoy texturing. I like to create realistic assets as well as more cartoonish things. I hope you like it!

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Moxi Rainbow Rider

This is my first serious project, after studying 3d modeling I decided to do a realistic prop in order to put into practice what I’ve studied. So I tried to recreate the Moxi Rainbow Rider in 3d, modeled with Maya and textured in Substance Painter. 

Frag Grenade

I continued practicing with realism, so I took Lars Sowig's concept of a grenade for Battlefield and I modeled it on Maya and texturized it on Substance.

Darjeeling Limited Luggage

This luggage is inspired by one of my favourite Wes Anderson’s movie, The Darjeeling Limited. The model il simple and this time I wanted to focus more on the texture process in Substance.

The Iron Giant

This project is about one of my favourite and nostalgic cartoons, The Iron Giant. I tried to recreate him in Maya, staying as close as the original, so I collected lots of references from the movie. It’s been so fun to model all of these shapes recreating the Giant.

Imagine a sequel of the Iron Giant where he awakes in a world that has changed but wars are not over yet. So he starts to search for Hogarth because is worried about him. With this image in mind I texturized my model in Substance Painter.

The King of Space

Valentina Greggio and I wanted to bring to life two characters from the kid's book The King of Space by Jonny Duddle, so she modeled the robot and I made the kid sculpting with Zbrush. Then we tried to texturize it with Substance Painter in a stylized way.


I took the concept that Michael Hurtado made for the character design challenge #KnightsTournament and I tried to recreate his lovely mouse knight. I started in Zbrush sculpting the mouse, then I modeled the armor in Maya and I made the fur with Xgen. It was my first time for the grooming and I had so much fun! 

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