First year of Arch viz at Yrgo

First year of Arch viz at Yrgo

by NilsDahlman on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I love working with problem solving and creative thinking. I am driven, selfsufficient and social which have been helpful when working as a freelancer in architectural visualization. 3D modeling is one of my strongest qualities. I’ve worked with many cad and 3d programs such as blender, 3Ds MAX, Solidworks, and more.

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The renovation project

In this project we were given the task to find a house or apartment, up for sale, that needed renovating. We would then renovate and furnish the apartment all in 3D.

Workflow: 3Ds MAX → Corona → Photoshop

The Urban Project

In the urban project we had to create a ”selling picture” for a newley constructed building. Learning to import and work with large files as well as photomatching a lot of people.

The Villa Project

In this project we were given 2D AutoCad drawings of a villa and tasked to create a ”selling” picture for the villa. We had to create 3 different camera suggestions for the "customer" as well as a moodboard for the final picture.

The Chair Project

In this project we were tasked to model a chair from picture references, top, side and front view, as well as creating some ”selling” pictures for the chair.

The Cad project

In this project we created 2D villa drawings in Autocad. We later were tasked to create a 3D Revit model of the same villa. Learning my way around Autocad and Revit.

The Hotel Project

In this Group Project we created a hotel in 3Ds MAX. I was tasked with creating and rendering the hotel rooms. This was also the first time photomaching and adding 2D humans in Photoshop.

The Film Festival

In the film project we had to create a set for a film festival, where two people could sit and have a conversation. I chose to base my set of off the movie Mulan.

I love what i do and hope you do too! Im always looking to improve and challenge myself and hope to have many years in this field!

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