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Tokyo Ghost: Fan Film

Tokyo Ghost: Fan Film

Tokyo Ghost: Fan Film, a 3D animated project based on the comic of the same name, was born as a collaborative work between several Animum students who wanted to put their new knowledge into practice. As big fans, we loved the idea of transferring Sean Murphy's art to 3D.

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Based on Tokyo Ghost (Image Comics / Norma Editorial), a comic book written by Rick Remender, drawn by Sean Murphy and colored by Matt Hollingsworth.

Los Angeles Islands, 2089: humanity is addicted to technology. A declining population is willing to do anything to get its hands on the new digital shot. Led Mella and Debbie Declive, the city's last hope, are trying to keep peace in a society at the end of its life.

Without further ado, here there is Tokyo Ghost: Fan Film, our personal tribute to Rick Remender's masterpiece. We hope you like it!

The Making of Tokyo Ghost: Fan film

Join us trought the creation process of Tokyo Ghost: Fan Film:

Tokyo Ghost: Fan Film Characters:

Attention, world, here we present the creation of the main characters of Tokyo Ghost: Fan film:

Led Mella

Rough and tough, that's our protagonist Led Mella. Nobody is able to run away when he chases you on his motorcycle. 

Debbie Declive

The heroine any good story needs.

Davey Trauma

What's a story without an evil villain? 


Hands up! Secondary characters also count:

An extra look at our characters:

Tokyo Ghost: Fan Film Environment:

Transform the 2D artwork to 3D has been a big challenge for us. Here you can find the scenarios where the magic happens.

Tokyo Ghost: Fan Film Props:

Every detail matters! Don't miss the props (made with lots of love) we created for Tokyo Ghost: Fan film.

From Concept Art to Final results:

Together we evolve:

Our Team:

MODELERS: Marc Fuster, Martín Carrillo, Miriam Rebollo, Carmen Medina, Francisco José García, Víctor Manuel Sánchez, Eva Azucena Ara, Judit Carmena, Fernando Tejada, Pablo Marrón, Mª Ángeles Gómez, Juan Duarte López, Alberto Delgado, Alejandro Damas, Edgar Teba.

RIGGERS: Isabel Martínez Pastor, Juan Manuel Fernández, Paula Contreras, Víctor Manuel Vera, Mercedes García Betegón, Juan José Jerónimo.

3D ANIMATORS: Eric Ulloa, Marc Fernández, David Gimeno, Fátima Tamayo, Imanol Ayarza, Francisco Freire, Gustavo Santos Vega, Santiago Martín Cantelmi, Sergio Campos Polo, Juan Elías Tuchtfeldt

LIGHTERS: Jesús Parras, Mª Isabel Ramírez, Noelia Arcos, Isaac Rupérez Cano, Alejandro González.

CFX: Cristal Abigail Gutiérrez.

Special thanks to our teachers from Animum Creativity Advanced School for coordinating us in the creation of Tokyo Ghost: Fan film: Roger Giménez, David Plaza, Miguel Ángel Carriquí, Andrés Mendoza, Octavio Alonso and Sandra Rubio.

Tokyo Ghost: Fan Film was born as a collaborative project between students and teachers of Animum Creativity Advanced School.

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