Jorge Juarez. Character Art Collection

Jorge Juarez. Character Art Collection

by darthkgeorge on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hello there, I created these projects focusing on the head sculpting and lookdev process of the pipeline as part of my final year studying 3d. Hope you like them :)

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This is my final Uni project and of course it had to be about the main character of the franchise that inspired me to study Animation and VFX. 

One of my main goals in this project was to achieve a proper and fairly recognizable likeness of actor Hayden Christensen, this turned out to be a challenging but exciting experience. It took me some time and many iterations but ultimately I can say that I am very proud of what I achieved. 

Daniel Boschung inspired lighting

Lookdev HDRI Tests

On the other hand, I focused on improving my lookdev skills as in making sure the shader maintained realism no matter the light setup. This was a highly rewarding learning experience as it helped me understand a little bit more about the ACES workflow and the skin shading process. 

Definitely the most difficult part of the project was the grooming aspect as I had a hard time trying to recreate his messy yet very specific look. Honestly there are still some things I would like to change but I decided it was time to move forward to another project.

As I stated before, lookdev was a very important part of the process. That is why I opted for using Ailayerrgb nodes in order to change the roughness and diffuse values by region directly in the Hypershade. This allowed me to make the lookdev process smoother and not have to come back to my texturing software(Mari).

I always enjoy making these WIP videos as it is amazing to watch this hours-long process summarized in mere seconds. Sculpted from scratch in Zbrush. Face textured in Mari and Photoshop with help from Texturing Xyz Multichannel maps. Grooming done with Xgen Core. Rendered on Arnold GPU for Maya.


I made this project some months ago as part of a school assignment. The Goal was to recreate an iconic T2 Scene in CG. Rendered on Arnold for Maya

The character was sculpted from scratch on Zbrush with the help of 3d ScanStore Hd Heads, for the details and the base of the textures, which was later refined in Photoshop. I would have liked to refine the likeness a little bit more. However the model  needed to be rigged and ready for animation so it made the whole process time sensitive.

Thank you for looking at my projects! May the force be with you!

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