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Projects from 2021-2022

Projects from 2021-2022

Felix Li
by FelixLi on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This is a entry of the Rookie Award 2022, but it's also a documentation of everything I made from 2021 to June 1st, 2022. (Projects here are also in a order where the first project Orc is the first one I made in first half of 2021 then slowly moving towards the end where the last project were made in May 2022)

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           My name is Felix, and I am a 3D artist who is currently seeking for a job in United State. This entry will be a small documentation of what I've done in 2021 - 2022. Up until May 31st 2022

The very first project is titled: Roar, it was made in 2021.

When I first started to make this project I decided to live stream it on twitch, not because I want to become famous making 3D assets, (although it will probably be very nice) but because I wanted to have a way to document the process of making it. Since streaming on twitch will have every minute of working on this project recorded, I didn't mind if there are no one watching. However, I did ended up meeting a lot of interesting and fun people, getting a lot of feedback and critiques from people of different backgrounds which ended up making this project better than what it would've been.

This character is a character from the game Gears of War 4, his name is Swarm Speaker.

Concept (

Below are some screenshots of more angles for this project, hope you enjoy~

Here's a turn table for the Orc

Shortly after I finished the orc piece, I become more confident on sculpting and started to make a game ready character. At first I was confident, but then this project slowly made me realize how bad I was with anatomy (Not anymore). I study as I go, remake the character over and over and over again to make it a tinny bit better each time while reading through books, watch videos of how other people sculpt human characters. After the longest time, I finally finished it...

This might not be the best project that I have ever made, but it surely is the project that I learn the most in 2021, by the end of this project, it was literally December 31st, 2021. I pour my heart into it, learning and improving on a daily bases. On top of that, there are a lot of frustrations, specially when I had to re-do the muscles and re-sculpt the character for the 20th+ times. (shhh~, don't tell others about the frustration part.)

The edges used to make this character and the edges for all the assets in it

A layer display from the main render to albedo to AO to Specular to ID.

Here's the turntable of the Hunter

This project was originally started back in 2020. But some unpredictable tragic even happened and break my previous laptop that I use to make this project and all the files in it was gone with it.... This Mecha, a grenade, a gun, a plane, a large size environment that was 70% done..... So many projects were lost in this unforeseen event. It wasn't until January 2022, after I finished the Hunter project, that I finally rebuild the courage to go back and re-made this project. The second time working on it was way faster than the first time, but it was still a sad experience  to lose so many works.....

Concept: (

Layers of this Mecha

Here's the turntable of the Mecha

This environment is one of the most recent environment that I have made as an additional practice for environment art, it took me entire 2 month to complete it. I picked the concept from the game "The Last of Us" mainly because of how well it was made, how rich and fulfilling the environment is. There isn't a single boring spot that's left out in the open, there are always something everywhere.

The environment was also made with Rookie Award 2022 in mind. The funny thing is, by the time I finished this environment, it was only the end of the April. There are a whole entire month left before the entry of Rookie Award closes. Right then, I have decided to make another character. A challenge on how high of the quality I can push for a character and how much of it I can get done within 1 month of time.

The layers for this environment. Going from the main render to albedo to AO/Edges to Depth to ID

In the end, I created few different variation of the environment by setting in different tone to create different feeling of the environment, and I think these two deserves some love too.

A little video of the progress of making this environment. Hope you enjoy!

This work is a self challenge on how much I can do in 1 month of time. With a time limit, making a project become more challenging and exciting. The concept is from Heewon Kim's Old Hunter,( I fall in love with the concept the second I lay my eyes on it and thinking it has so much potential. Obviously it's a whole body character but I only made the top half. I account the time for testing quality and rendering which lead me to the decision to only make half of a character instead of full one.

(I will be finishing this character up and post it on Rookies, follow to see the full character once it's done.)

Here are the layers of this project, the first one is the main layer, then it goes to Albedo, AO, Specular, and ID.

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