3D Work 2021

3D Work 2021

Nicholas Schaepe
by NicholasSchaepe on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Here are some of the works I made during the year of 2021 and a bit into 2022. I learned a ton last year! I got to use polarized light with photogrammetry. Picked up retopology. Learned intro to sculpting and texturing online. And got to know how hard it is to create a creature from start to finish.

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Herman Peter's Hunting Knife

This was my first scan using a cross polarized setup. I was really excited by Grzegorz Baran's video on cross polarization. I wanted to scan my great grandfather's hunting knife which he made himself while employed at Remmington.

Although I had a subject, I didn't even have a flash. I had to use a 1000 lumen flashlight with a circular polarizer taped on. Yet it was not powerful enough to get good results from a distance. I had to get up close and hope for the best. All while weirdly holding both the camera/tripod firm with one hand and the light in the other.

Here I test a scan using polarized light for the first time. (Light boxes below for comparison). After using Reality Capture I tried Agisoft Metashape. I liked the result more than RC, so I went with it. 

Pig Sculpt & Groom

The pig came out of an assignment from Intro to Sculpting at SNHU. I attempted sculpting tiny pig hairs but felt it needed more.

I gathered reference from photos and videos online. The videos really showed parts that the photos couldn’t, like how the muscles and wrinkles work.

Leon's BC01-Tracer

My final project for GRA-215 Texturing for Games at SNHU. The model was provided by my professor Lou Tammaro. I had a lot of fun playing with the filters and physics brush.

The Village

This was created for my environment class where I got to use Unreal 5 in a project for the first time. It was also my first creating mountains in Gaea, a terrain creation program. The story goes, "Some, say a chapel was supposed to be built here. The only things left are vacant buildings, grass, and a rusted bell..."

Magna Scorocis

The final assignment for Creature Design - GRA-402. The Scorocis is a large carnivorous predator. Its habitat is the desert of Geonz. It primarily hunts small game such as rabbits but sometimes humans as entertainment. The Scorocis usually ambushes its prey by hiding near rocks or blending in with the sand.

Concept Creation


The final project for intro to sculpting, my first full body sculpt. The concept is by Hardy Fowler I really love how much character this has. During the process I got to learn poly paint, z-sphere posing, and Zwrap. After finishing the sculpt I rendered a turntable using Blender's Workbench renderer.

Thank You!

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