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Weiqian Han | Motion Design Portfolio 2022

Weiqian Han | Motion Design Portfolio 2022

by MickeyHan on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hey there! I’m Weiqian, pronounce" Way Chi An". I am always curious and looking to learn new things. I have a lot of ideas to use in my work and enjoy experimenting with different styles. I like to challenge myself to do things I'm not good at, and that's what drives me to grow.

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Weiqian Han | Demo Reel 

Hey Hey Hey, everyone !

I am a multidisciplinary, creative designer. Currently, I am pursuing my M.F.A. degree in Motion Media Design major from the Savannah College of Art and Design. My work is heavily influenced by my story and my interests. Below is a collection of some of the work I've had the chance to Creative Direct, Design and/ or animate.

Fix | Visual Metaphor

This whimsical project is a playful reflection on my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Small, seemingly mundane occurrences in my daily life are explored as the main protagonist makes every attempt to fix a life out of balance.

Role: Creative Direction / Art Direction / Cel Animation/ Design 

Music: FreeSound

Maddie's Do you know? Remake | Opening Title Sequence

The show explains the walking of everyday objects for children 6 years and under. this age group is inquisitive and vivacious. The culture of the show calls for an approach that speaks to the imaginary and to play for uses. The exploration concept is driven by an exploring journey with Maddie’s cartoon character and some cute characters.

Role: Creative Direction / Art Direction / 3D Animation/ Compositing/ Lighting/ Editing 

2D Illustration, Cel Animation, Character Design: Yuwei Liu

Music: Maddies's Do you know the Original Soundtrack

Boundless | Festival Conceptual Promo

Not only does it advocate the universal concept of boundless love and the exploration of queer stories across time and space, Boundless also encourages greater diversity through ways of defining queer relationships and expressing unique identities. Every kind of difference and every kind of love deserves to be seen, respected, and treated fairly. This project also commemorates a proud twelve years for this LGBTQ+ Org.

Role: Creative Direction / Art Direction / Animation/ Design

Music: "Once in a life time" from HookSound

Resident Evil Remake | Main on Ends Title

This sequence immerses the viewer into a world of scientific lab work that conveys a race against time and that of a growing virus. The repeated alternation of red and green represents the beginning of the invasion, but also represents the tenacious struggle of human beings who, after resisting again and again, eventually cannot escape the progressive infiltration of the virus. These are complex contradictory emotions visualized: the hope of becoming stronger through experiments, and the defiance or a bloodthirsty and persistent virus. 

Role: Creative Direction / Art Direction/ Filming / Editing/ Type Animation

Music: "Hide" from HookSound

Logo Resovles | Branding 

The logo resolves have been designed and animated in a way that supports the brand’s promise, personality, and associations, and also reflects the brand values.

Role: Creative Direction / Art Direction/ Design/ Animation

Sound Effects: FreeSound

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