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Turning Point

Turning Point

Ly-Ann Teh
by blueblurrry on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

An artist's journey is never easy. After 4 years of vigorous training and practice under the wings of The One Academy, i am grateful to reach where i am today, with the skills and technique to finally make my ideas come to life.

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A group concept done with a total of 5 teammates. Together, we developed the story and concept art of this post zombie apocalyptic world with a middle aged father trying to protect and keep his half zombie-human child away from persecution. 

Each of us tackled a key character, vehicle, prop and environment of the story. Creature wise, we explored the many possibilities of zombified mutant animals that would exist in the post zombie war world. Below would be my contribution to the project:-

We also did concept key art as well as promotional posters. For my part in the key art i decided to focus on the key moment and feeling of the child discovering the world above for the first time. 

Matte painting environments with nature as a main theme. I do love collages so the whole process of putting images together and creating a whole new look through the digital photobashing and editing was really enjoyable for me.

Environment concepts explored using 3D software and topped off with 2D photobash and matte painting. For this, i wanted to try a Sci Fi city and was inspired by the idea of a city amongst the sewers, where a laboratory is running bio-mutant experiments with the chemical waste.

This was my first concept art class in which we were given free reign. Ever since stepping into the game and film art industry, i have been exposed to all sorts of genres and the one that always piques my interest is horror. The idea of a bloodied, estranged bride came to me one thundering night and i knew i had to bring this idea to life. The first ever artwork i created for this series, the bride is truly a memorable milestone for me as it was one of the very first pieces that i had successfully turned an idea i had in mind into a full visual.

Thank you so much for viewing and following me on my journey. I hope you enjoy my artworks as much as i enjoyed creating them. All artworks are under non commercial use for study purposes and credit goes out to all the provider of digital materials used in the production of these visuals.

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