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Game Environments and Props

Game Environments and Props

Jasmijn Decuyper
by jasmijn on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I've always loved playing video games, but I loved watching my brothers or dad play even more. That way I could take in the environment and look at every little detail. Now I am working hard to become an environment artist so I can be the one to actually make those little details for someone else to see.

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A little over a year ago I finally embarked on my journey to become a game environment artist at Think Tank . Unfortunately I was forced to put the course on hold for a while but I am working whenever I can to keep improving my skills in the meantime! These are some projects I worked on for Think Tank as well as personal projects.

This was my first game-environment made during my intermediate term at Think Tank Training Center. This was based on a picture sent to me by the lovely folks at the Hackney Weightlifting Club in the UK. 

My goal for this project was to get as close to the reference as possible, with a focus on lighting and atmosphere. Setting up lighting in Unreal for the first time was really tricky, but I am very happy with and proud of the result. This was a great opportunity to learn about workflow for an entire scene from start to finish.

Everything was modeled in Maya, textured with Substance Painter and Designer and rendered in Unreal 4


This 1940's detective office scene I made to make into my resume. Originally the papers on the board and desk contained all my personal and work information. The idea being that I was the detective who was hired to find a job. For the sake of this portfolio entry I replaced it with detective type documents. This scene was made without a main reference, just an image in my head. This turned out to be a big challenge, even with the massive amount of detective desk examples and other references on the internet. PureRef has been a real life-saver during this project! 

Once again the goal was to be as photo-realistic as possible. The lighting was very tricky but I managed to create an atmosphere I like. Everything was modeled in Maya, textured with Substance Painter and Designer and rendered in Unreal 4.

I decided to add the typewriter to the desk scene as a hero prop, so I spent a some extra time on that. It was a great challenge to try and make a prop that is so technical, with all the keys and levers.

As always modeled in Maya, textured in Substance painter. Images rendered in Marmoset.

During the intermediate term at Think Tank there was a hero prop assignment for which I made this pinball machine. Originally I had only made the box with a very low level detail playing field, I added a high poly version playing field later. 

Modeled in Maya, textured in Substance Painter, images rendered in Marmoset

Thank you for checking out my portfolio entry!

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