FX Reel 2022

FX Reel 2022

Sanat Charankar
by sanat on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I strive to explore, express and construct visual marvels. Following is some of my work geared towards FX!

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Hi! Here is a collection of my work from the recent year geared towards FX!

Avalanche FX

This shot explores the a large scale simulation displaying weight, speed and realism visually. All aspects are done by me.

All aspects: Houdini

Destruction FX

This project displays destruction FX and a reassembly of a Statue placed in a Live Action Backplate. I wanted to explore unconventional use of destruction here.

Model : Downloaded from Three D Scans 

Destruction FX : Houdini

3D Tracking & Compositing : Nuke

Integration FX

This project displays a layered approach toward FX implementation. It includes the a basic particle simulation merged with various animations of curves, primary and secondary patterns.

Model - Downloaded from Three D Scans 

FX - Houdini

Procedural Modelling

This project displays a generative monument and its multiple architectural facets. It’s based on simple rules but portrays visual complexity of a massive scale, in a way that the viewer does not know the extent of its continuity. The CGI architectural structures are procedurally controlled.

This monument from the reference is in an indie puzzle game developed and published by Ustwo Games called “Monument valley”, where the player leads the princess Ida through the mazes of optical illusion and impossible objects while manipulating the world around her to reach various platforms. It appears in level called Forgotten Shores, where Ida appears at the top where she can access the upside down directly below her.

All aspects: Houdini

Here given the procedural nature, I wanted to create a whole ecosystem of fictional architecture.

I was inspired from ManvsMachine's, commercial created for iMac Pro. I used these references for a conceptual direction rather than approximate or particular recreation, intending to use my monument as a base for it.

Popup Book

My concept revolved around 'turning the page' from the glory of the past to the technology of the present. So to implement that, I used the page as the transition between the past and the present of my native country, India.

The page shows the transition between the ancient India with its deeper inquiries into the self and the spirit to the current India and its space program, with its pursuit to expand beyond planet Earth.

Modelling - Houdini

Look Development - RenderMan

Procedural Construction Tool

I wanted to create a tool for quick generative construction where the user can specify their own inputs.

Function: This is a tool which creates and allows the user to create generative constructs in various shapes, size, type, fonts, variations and colors to create still images or further animations. This tool provides an advantage of creating small scale to large scale generative customizable constructs in just a click.

This technical breakdown here explains how a custom user interface for Houdini.

Note: This tool will work only on Houdini 18 or above. 

All aspects: Houdini

Experimental Reel

This is collection of work which includes visual exploration of procedural approach and some fun experiments. It intends to give a stage to the playful aspect which sometimes gets lost in the technical execution and want to appease to the artistic eye, with a vibrant touch intending to bring a colorful taste to the viewer's mind.

I hope you enjoy my work!

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