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Wakanda Thrown Room and Game assets

Wakanda Thrown Room and Game assets

by EdenGates on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Here are a range of environment assets I have made throughout my second year of studying Game Art at Falmouth university. Which also features a Movie scene from Marvel's 2018 movie Black Panther WHITEFALL team entry:

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Wakanda Thrown Room Scene:

This is a re creation of the Wakanda thrown room scene from Marvel's 2018 movie Black Panther. This project is for one of my second year university modules, where I had to make a faithful adaptation of a movie scene. Throughout this project I had the chance to experiment and polish my workflows skills to be later used in the team game "WHITEFALL"

Source Material:

By using PurRef I compiled a range of resources to create this scene. Which also inspired my lighting choices

Zbrush Panther Render:

Here is a Zbrush Render of the high Polly version of the panther in my scene.


These are the assets I have made for the team game "WHITEFALL" which includes texture creation for a volcanic rock texture, an asset pack featuring a range of rocks the team could use in tangent with that texture As well as individual assets such as bones and syringes for environmental story telling within the world.

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